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Unus (Unus#1433)

Real Name: Proudmoore
Sex: Male
Birthday: Aug 28
Country: United States

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Unus REINUS-ProudmooreHello!
I am a 921 Blood DK looking for a guild/raid team. Currently 7/9 Heroic. Looking for a week night raid group.. Preference on groups that start no later than 7pm server. I have completed at least heroic content since WotLK..

I have 11 years Raid leading/ guild leading experience.. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAD.. I would like an adult group that is at least pushing to get into mythic every tier. No more than 2-3 nights a week. If you feel like I am a good fit, please shoot me a message in game or on RealID (Unus#1433).

I would consider a realm transfer for the right group. Looking forward to talking with you!
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