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Video: Lei ShiNormal 10-man by Psihijatrija warrior (dd) PoV

Psihijatrija vs Lei Shi 10-man Normal

Psihijatrija Kazzak EU vs Lei Shi 10man Normal, our first kill.
Lei Shi is third encounter in Terrace of Endless raid which was introduced in World of Warcraft Mists of Panderia 5.0.5.

Normal difficulty encounter is fairly easy and straight forward fight. when it comes to dps warriors, we are able to perform well and quite nice for "Get Away!" phase when, compared to casters, we can push nice dps.

Raid comp:
2 tanks
2 healers
6 dps
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Music: Bajaga - Ni na nebu ni na zemlji - instrumental
Last updated by Ameba 4 years ago

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