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Oceanic Item Level Character Rankings

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MadrexusNo Hope For HumanityFrostmourne951.2517 days ago
Han Saurfang950.944 days ago
Hûntress Saurfang950.945 days ago
LlidTrouble and StrifeKhaz'goroth950.3819 days ago
SoHar HarJubei'Thos950.1310 days ago
AluggoWhat R ThisBarthilas950.068 hours ago
ZhanchiFocus UpFrostmourne950.0024 days ago
PygmalionDont ReleaseBarthilas949.942 days ago
XkriegorIn The MountainsFrostmourne949.886 days ago
ScuffedMisrepresentedDath'Remar949.8117 days ago
AmbiSacrilegeDath'Remar949.759 days ago
CastardPotatoFrostmourne949.6914 days ago
PratyushFateFrostmourne949.6326 days ago
Saltyaz Dath'Remar949.319 days ago
Dentreyethor Frostmourne949.2511 days ago
Fastcism Frostmourne949.1917 days ago
Aestheticman Frostmourne949.065 days ago
SahbibCubeFrostmourne948.944 days ago
LókiiOminousFrostmourne948.6911 hours ago
LilcrimpToxicNagrand948.4423 days ago
SeekdizzleConvergenceKhaz'goroth948.3820 hours ago
HyperrianRestitutionBarthilas947.9425 days ago
MàverickSimplicityFrostmourne947.192 days ago
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