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“나루토” Guild

Horde EU-Draenor    (armory)
Progress: 0/12
World: n/a
Realm: n/a
World: 35563
EU: 18870
EU English: 7779
Realm: 832

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)high
druid (restoration)high
druid (feral-dd)medium
monk (healer)high
paladin (holy)high
priest (healer)high
priest (dd)medium
shaman (elemental)high
shaman (restoration)high
Guild formed 13/03/2019
" transferred to Twisting Nether EU under the name ""



We're not racist we're just ahead of the curve

About us
were a group of friends that likes to have laugh. We have been raiding together since Emerald Nightmare. While we're not playing WoW, we play brain stimulating games together such as: Hentai Puzzle, King Arthur's Gold, Bad Rats, Age of Empires 2, pokemon showdown, yu-gi-oh, heroes 3, warcraft 3, league of legends, dota 2, chess, blitz chess, vermintide, rust.

We host monthly $$ tournaments in other games

we like shittalking each other in voice and fooling around.


Tier 21 World 125 - 2days/week - prenerf
Tier 22 World 110(Famed Slayer) - 4days/week
Tier 23 World 339 - 3d/w Started progression 8.1.5 (13/03/19) - cleared (14/04/19) 230 pulls 7 nights on Jaina
Tier 23.5 World 92 - most scuffed raiding hours EU, fuck you uu'nat

Raid hours and contacts below

Notable Side Achievements by our players & Guild

  • 2012 World Champion Big Buck Hunter
  • 1 Junior Masterchef contestant who managed to win with a burnt risotto
  • World Record for most wanks/hr during raid
  • 8 Total Wipeout contestants, 8 finalists
  • 1 Greek High Jump Champion
  • 1 Producer of Greek Yoghurt
  • LBGTQ+ Friendly
  • LGBTQ+ Unfriendly
  • Most diverse guild (Americans, Terrorists, Europeans, Asians)
  • Religiously friendly guild. We have protestants, catholics and muslims.
  • Multilingual Guild
  • Casted heals @Scornal
  • Four UK mastermind contestants
  • The ONLY Korean guild on Draenor
  • Housing Bobby Fisher
  • 3 Chess Grand Masters
  • Voted Europe's Best Daycare Guild
  • Manage to start raids 10 min late every single raid
  • 2 Billionaires
  • Crash Bandicoot Any% Speed run World Record
  • Featured on WoW Classic Moments!
  • Featured Method Josh!
  • Combined average IQ 189
  • Ph.D. in shitposting
  • Zoomers & Boomers
  • Weebs & Dweebs
  • Combined Anime hours watched is well above 15000+
  • 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Professional Player
  • 2 Pokémon Competitive Players
  • Several Cumbridge Educated individuals to share their knowledge with you
  • Increased our yearly of 15.7B Gold revenue by approximately 50%
  • Met our deadlines inconsistently
  • Piloted the Silverback Gorilla Foundation program started by Donald Trump
  • Will never public our logs regardless of your rank 1s
  • Lowest amount of preparation for raids possible
  • World 7th Mythic Blackhand
  • Silver Surfers accepted but hated
  • Green Gardeners accepted but they're trying
  • Blue Barry accepted but almost there
  • Purple Patrick liked
  • Legendary Leo praised
  • Yellow Yasmins successfully padded
  • 7 tent dwellers
  • Bachelor in bomb vest crafting
  • Ret paladin with 320 IQ.
  • Two chairman of the board of MENSA
  • Seven chairman of the board of inventions
  • Three climbers on Mount Everest
  • WoWHobbs raided with us
  • 2 healed Stormwall Mythic
  • 3 task managers of oblivion
  • realm first heroic u'naat (lol BTFO?)
  • one historian, Ph.D. in curtains
  • Four "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" contestants
  • One peoples post code lottery winner (neighbour won it)
  • one greenkeeper (works at manny stadium)
  • two coal miners
  • one grand imperial wizard (this is to test your knowledge)
  • four people donating £49.99 a month to unicef
  • upon joining this guild, you are granted a child from africa (sponsor a child foundation, forced payment every month. Lowest £14.99/mo)
  • four lawyers
  • one winner of paradise hotel
  • one member featured on the "undateables"
  • two members featured in "Big Brother"
  • one man jailed in NK (laughed at north korean guard in theKorean Demilitarized Zone)
  • 11.5384684616% of the guild is arab
  • 23.07692307692308% of the guild is scandinavian
  • 38.46153847% of the guild is from the UK
  • 3.84616% of the guild is from NA
  • 23.07691% of the guild is from scuffed eastern europe or something weird
  • 100,00000000085231% male
  • greek (yes, ggx gang!!! pogchampion ;D lol) raids here
  • كس امك
  • one professional NEED FOR SPEED™ player
  • fourteen coin collectors
  • nine bird watchers
  • three fucking microsoft edge users
  • seven firefox users
  • 9 LINUX operators
  • three tech supporters working @ VIRGIN MEDIA
  • despite arabs only making up 11.5384684616% of the guild, they cause more than 65% of our wipes
  • 2 border hoppers
  • One Microsoft Executive
  • one player managed to get a 1493 winstreak in Minecraft Bedwars
  • ten people devoted to slay weebs
  • longest wowprogress description
  • ¿Quieres?
  • one member featured as one of the spy kidz
  • world first 25 man enderdragon kill (minecraft)
  • each member averages 43.5 EHP on OSRS (check us out on cml)
  • four guild meet ups yearly at our guild vineyard
  • one member as an extra in GoT, season 2 episode 8 at around 14:47 minute mark
  • one member featured in "Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away!"
  • one crisp eating contest winner 3 times running (walkers bracket)
  • featuring one predator from "How To Catch A Predator"
  • Djarii raided here
  • one supermarket sweep champion
  • housing the magnus carlsen of checkers
  • 1997 PacMan Grand Champion of the Blockbuster tournament
  • World Record holder for 10meter fastwalking
  • one zumba developer
  • three users of the quantum code
  • we have a 25% discount code to the TeleShop
  • one person featured on sweden's "Freaky Eaters" for exclusively eating oboy kakao powder (cacao powder)
  • houses our very own guild poet
  • swam across the pacific ocean multiple times
  • discovered the lost city of atlantis
  • watering every single coral reef with hand picked crystal water from mount fuji
  • currently got full control of all observatories in the world
  • two lead scientists in the flat earth society
  • weekly inhouse tournaments to keep our minds on the fly
  • three volunteer twitch moderators
  • the astral guardian raided with us
  • two temporal guardians to protect mortals from harm
  • two winners of mr olympia (1975 and 2018)
  • no 26 year old snowflake in the guild anymore
  • says we start raid 1900 but actually start 1920/30
  • says we 5times a week raid first two weeks of mythic, actually don't change at all cus ppl can't
  • Ricardo Milos applied to us
  • 4x Uu'nat heroic rank 1 boss dmg CHAMP raider
  • 1 love island contenstant
  • best 1½ raiding guild on planet earth

New raid hours (GMT+1):

Wed - 1900 - 2300
Thurs - 1900 - 2300
Sun - 1900 - 2300
Mon - 1900 - 2300 (ONLY FIRST 2 MYTHIC WEEKS)
Tue - 1900 - 2300 (ONLY FIRST 2 MYTHIC WEEKS)


Top 100 while remaining with a shitfest atmosphere
Famed stuff

If you have any questions contact and languages listed below:
Nico#25672 (EU, RU, MX, DK, KR) Anybody can contact
Aswooper#2428 (EU, SYRIA, SWE, KR) Melee contact this guy
Deidah#2733 - ("EU", UK, CHAD, KR) Healers contact this guy
Zabrax#2622 (EU, TERRORIST, SAUDI ARABIA, KR) Anybody can contact this guy, very friendly

As always, Thank You for your interest and as always:

이걸 읽으면 너는 게이 야.
profile administrator(s): aswooper, Deidah, Nicochan2
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