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“Dark Substance” Guild

Horde EU-Kazzak    (armory)
Progress: 7/8 (M)
World: 613
EU: 373
EU English: 204
Realm: 35
World: 1951
EU: 1125
EU English: 514
Realm: 71
Encounter First Kill Videos World EU Realm Fastest Kill
+ M: Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alothaSep 29, 2019 19:54 578351341390m 24s
+ M: The Queen's CourtSep 5, 2019 21:41 5893533436m 54s
+ M: OrgozoaSep 1, 2019 20:48 8415123922m 25s
+ M: Lady AshvaneAug 5, 2019 19:54 5613443123m 30s
+ M: Blackwater BehemothJul 21, 2019 19:09 6493793316m 32s
+ M: Radiance of AzsharaJul 18, 2019 21:13 5763803021m 03s
+ M: Abyssal Commander SivaraJul 18, 2019 19:14 70041836
+ H: Queen AzsharaJul 15, 2019 21:035553653009m 08s
+ H: Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alothaJul 10, 2019 22:582791891910m 28s
+ H: The Queen's CourtJul 10, 2019 20:346973872910m 16s
+ H: OrgozoaJul 10, 2019 19:528784093307m 15s
+ H: Lady AshvaneJul 10, 2019 19:169233592607m 58s
+ H: Blackwater BehemothJul 10, 2019 19:0316657584812m 19s
+ H: Radiance of AzsharaJul 10, 2019 18:3411903652412m 43s
+ H: Abyssal Commander SivaraJul 10, 2019 18:13170365540

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
deathknight (tank)high
demon hunter (dd)high
druid (balance)high
druid (feral-dd)high
monk (healer)low
monk (dd)high
monk (tank)high
paladin (holy)high
paladin (protection)high
paladin (retribution)high
priest (healer)high
priest (dd)high
shaman (elemental)high
shaman (enhancement)high
shaman (restoration)high
warrior (protection)high
Current recruitment & progression status:

- Tanks:
1 in total, either for fulltime main tank position, or as 3rd tank (DPS mainspec in this case)

- Healers:
2 in total, open to the following classes and specs: Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk

- DPS:
1 in total, open to players of the above listed classes and specs.

- Backup raiders of all roles:
All classes and specs welcome!

As a guild aiming to hover around 250-300 world rank, aside from basic ranged-melee balance, we are not overly concerned about overoptimizing our comp in terms of classes. If you are a good player with decent throughput and mechanical awareness, you will find a permanent spot in our roster. We will consider a tryout (pre-trial) spot for applicants with low levels of or missing Mythic raiding experience, depending on the dedication and commitment we observe.

Unless you explicitly want to apply as one, we do NOT seek benchwarmers and do NOT sit new trials on progression bosses.

Note: we will not gear anyone up from scratch - if you are behind on gear/AP/essences, we expect you to put in the time and effort to get prepared through activities that can be done outside of a raid group, and to do so before we bring you to any Mythic content.

Note 2: unless you have done significant preparation for Palace during the last month, we do not seek returning players who have just come back to the game after skipping a raid tier or two. We highly value applicants with a consistent and committed raiding history!


Greetings Everyone!

Shig here from Dark Substance - let me introduce our humble crew! We are a bunch of excellent (*cough*) players on the Horde side of Kazzak, many of whom have been thoroughly active raiders since WoW's early eras. Our guild has been raiding since the early days of Cataclysm under the same leadership. As ever, we are seeking like-minded semi-hardcore raiders to join us for our progression in Eternal Palace and beyond!

The roster took on its 20man-shape with the Mythic reformatting introduced in WoD. After establishing a capable roster and achieving a 270th world rank by killing pre-nerf Mythic Archimonde, we threw ourselves with renewed vigour into Legion, aiming to further improve our rankings. While we did earn near top 100-150 rankings on multiple bosses in NH and ToS, we eventually found that the extreme push for progress has diminished the guild's social atmosphere, caused rifts in the guild's social fabric. When said issues were brought to the surface, we chose to suspend raiding during Mythic Argus progression, and collectively decided to take time off from raiding under a 4 days/week 4hrs/day schedule. At the same time, we vowed to rebuild the roster under a unified mindset for BfA, that does a better job at balancing progressive pushing and social priorities.

Thus, we are now raiding under the same core philosophies as always, but with a more flexible, 3 days/week 3.5hrs/day schedule. Though we pulled slightly back on raid times, our community's vigor is stronger than ever, and our key values are all the same: maintaining our signature chill atmosphere, playing together and bonding outside of raid times and through other games, as well as enjoying spicy memes & music of questionable quality through our Discord bot.

Our Eternal Palace roster is currently having its last gaps filled up, as we are seeking a few more newcomers to reinforce the current core roster. If what you heard so far sounds appealing to you, I'd urge you to apply until the spots get filled up!

In addition, backup raiders of any roles would also be much welcome!

Dark Substance, eh? Who are you? What are your goals?

Seasoned raiders and lovely guys & gals bringing together a wide variety of personal backgrounds from all over Europe! :>

From another perspective: a close, fuzzy group of experienced players aiming to stick to a reasonable, 3 nights/week semi-hardcore raiding schedule during progression with a quality over quantity mentality. This naturally involves getting Cutting Edge achievements while they are still available, but beyond that, we are less caring about getting to certain ranks and are focusing more on beating our own expectations.

In essence: we are a fun crew of innately motivated people, focusing on top performance and social engagement alike. Serious progress and warm, family-like atmosphere all in one!

Could you tell me a bit more about the guild and its history?

Sure, if you insist! Dark Substance was formed more than 7 years ago and has partaken in several expansions of progression raiding. The foundation of DarkSub can be traced back the late days of Wrath. After racing through 10-man Heroic (then-Mythic) content in Cataclysm and achieving server- and faction first kills on Kor'gall, we have collectively transferred over to Kazzak in order to bolster recruitment capabilities.

Having completed all current Heroic content until the release of MoP, the abilities and bonds of our players – and our guild as a cohesive team – have all further developed, however 2012 brought several out-of-game obstacles into the picture - mostly graduations, study-abroad programs, internships and work-related commitments.

Due to the majority of our college-aged members becoming preoccupied with these matters, we have made the temporary decision to put raiding on a hold for the time being. However, we have made the promise of reincarnating the raiding roster of the guild once the next expansion, WoD, would be upon us.

In WoD, we have swiftly rebuilt our roster based on the values carried by our oldies, this time in a 20-man format instead of the previous 10. We came close to downing Mythic Blackhand (p3), and in Hellfire Citadel we scored a pre-nerf world 270th Mythic Archimonde kill. Having maintained the core of our roster throughout the expansion, and integrating capable raiders to our crew, we felt prepared for Legion (no pun intended) with the most solid roster the guild ever possessed.

While our Legion rankings showed consistent improvement over the tiers (277th Xavius, 211th Helya, 163rd Gul'dan), and on multiple bosses we have come close to the top 100 threshold, the clash between hardcore progressive vs. social, numerically-oriented vs. community-oriented mentalities caused internal issues in ToS and Argus. As a response, instead of opting to bandaid-fix the roster, we decided to put raiding on a hold and perform a complete reconstruction for BfA, spearheaded by a great number of veteran members of the guild who were previously discouraged by the overly hardcore mentality plaguing the guild. Now though, with the stalemate resolved, DarkSub is ready to write a new chapter in our history, under the same leadership and core values, with renewed conviction to uphold them.

Outside of raids and M+ runs in WoW, we also regularly engage in team play in other games, such as LoL, Diablo and gems such as, as well as a fair few others on off-raid days. Also, we've met up at 4 Dreamhack LANs already, and had our first guild summer meetup in 2018, with the 2019 one already fully planned out :)

What are your raid times?

Our raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (20.00-23.30 server time), with occasional chill runs for alts, family and friends. During the first three weeks of progression in 8.3, we will be adding Monday as a mandatory raid day (20.00-23.30 as well).

We do not extend raid hours without everyone's full consent. Regarding start/invite times, we have no compulsory rules when to be online - as long as you are inside the instance fully prepared by 20:01.

Great. What do you offer should I join?

Holistically as a guild:

  • Highly competitive raid group, selected based on performance AND personality,

  • Cutting edge progression through communication and a team-based mentality in and outside of the game,

  • A community that values Your social and creative contributions, and in fact expects so from all of its members - it's a train driven by 20+ people, which might not sound extremely reassuring if pictured IRL on the rails, but it kinda works in-game!

  • For You as a raider:

  • Collective feedback during trial period,

  • Core spot for BfA and beyond,

  • Ability to give & receive evaluation from each guild member twice per raid tier in an organized manner,

  • Guild bank support for repairs, vantus/augment runes and codexes,

  • Fun to be had while raiding on Discord, from music bots to dank memes - we're not at all a community that progresses in complete silence. Expect jokes to be flying around (to a non-disruptive extent),

  • Full liberty of choosing talents/specs/gear as long as your performance is deemed competitive,

  • And generally: shiny items and Cutting Edge achievements :)

  • For You as an individual:

  • Family-like guild of flat hierarchy - no officers/superiors, acting as one is not tolerated; temporary honored raider rank based on community evaluation,

  • Community voting-based decision for all progression, recruitment and organizational matters, a crew that is appreciative of any and all inputs with an open mind,

  • Discord server for everyday guild and individual needs.

  • And what must I give in return?

    *Pulls down hood* EEEEVERYTHING! - Yes, cheesy puns are a plus. But in all honesty:

    As a raider:

  • Commitment of at least 2 tiers (~1 year) of playtime to the guild,

  • Ideally mythic raiding experience and logs (but don't hesitate to apply with limited xp either for a tryout spot!),

  • 95%+ attendance rate,

  • Vocal: not shying away from talking. This is huge, we talk rather than chat in raids,

  • Fluent and confidently >spoken< English,

  • Good quality microphone with no background noise,

  • Top-notch class and encounter knowledge,

  • Boring stuff: ~425+ ilvl gear or equivalent, Benthics if BiS, ~58+ neck, Essences grinded,

  • Alts are appreciated but not a must be any means!

  • As a human (sounds weird, but you get the point):

  • Intrinsic motivation: you'll have a high degree of freedom, in exchange for which we demand performance and contribution

  • Ability to >give< and receive feedback

  • Mentality to play for progression. Gearing, output, and all other aspects are subordinated to guild progression. Desire to further progression above any personal gains

  • Respect in exchange for respect. And drama, talking others down behind their backs, etc. is instantly cracked down upon and dealt with - our long-term history is built on stability

  • And on a personal note from GM perspective: be able to come and talk about any issues and complaints you are facing. You will be an integral building block of our guild. For that, I'd like you not to shy away from voicing any criticism. I'm not seeking chess pieces to move around on the board - but people who have a desire to help shape the guild to be a better place :)

  • Please take your time and consider us should you be looking for a guild that is just as close of a community as formidable of a progression team!

    Whoa, actually interested?

    Should you be seeking to join our crew, please fill out the following form:

    In case we are also interested, we will contact you through Bnet for an interview within a week. Should the the application not work out, we will send you an e-mail.

    If things do work out though, a 1-on-1 Discord interview will be conducted, so please make sure you're comfortable with the thought! :>

    Cheers for checking us out - hope we piqued your interest!
    Take care!
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