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“Nobility” Guild

Alliance US-Kel'Thuzad    (armory)
Progress: 6/8 (M)
World: 2186
US: 751
Realm: 9
World: 1635
US: 465
Realm: 8
Encounter First Kill Videos World US Realm Fastest Kill
+ M: Zul, Reborn11 days ago21687449
+ M: Fetid Devourer19 days ago24428469
+ M: VectisNov 2, 2018 06:22258188612116m 03s
+ M: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zothOct 19, 2018 07:463180112721
+ M: MOTHERSep 28, 2018 06:29329412252312m 17s
+ M: TalocSep 20, 2018 07:463623135826
+ H: G'huunSep 27, 2018 06:57326311802320m 00s
+ H: Mythrax the UnravelerSep 20, 2018 07:19350712632408m 07s
+ H: Zul, RebornSep 14, 2018 08:10285610731926m 41s
+ H: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zothSep 14, 2018 05:40505619513723m 35s
+ H: VectisSep 11, 2018 07:094351148330
+ H: Fetid DevourerSep 11, 2018 05:55637722563908m 28s
+ H: MOTHERSep 7, 2018 07:27424919103706m 16s
+ H: TalocSep 7, 2018 05:475512254046

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
all classes
<Nobility>, a late-night raiding guild whose core has been raiding together since Wrath times, is recruiting for some fun. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 11pm to 2am server time (which is 10pm - 1am PST or 1am - 4am EST).

As of September 2018, recruiting for BfA is open.


  • Yes, recruitment is open.
  • Either fill an app (, or see if Charodey-Kel'Thuzad is on and send him a tell in game.
  • Alternatively, add Volshebnik#1818 on bnet, or Charodey#5945 on Discord.
  • Your trial will consist of one (maybe more, but likely one) raid with us, likely on Tue, and likely farm content. We'll evaluate your performance and mechanics; you'll evaluate our atmosphere and raid style.
  • Our philosophy is to kill bosses while having fun. We love competition, but not assholes.

The rest of this post is optional. We encourage you to read it for your own benefit, so you'll be able to tell whether the guild's approach to raiding meshes well with you, but this is not required.


  • Application: If you'd like to fill the official application, you can do so at our site at Note that an app is not required; it's merely a tool for us to understand you better.
  • Time: We raid Tue/Wed/Thu, during late night, 11pm to 2am server time (which is MST). This is 10pm to 1am PST, or 1am to 4am EST.
  • What do we offer? Night-time raiding, pushing Mythic bosses during the relevant tier, but without the usual drama and fratboy-with-power dynamics that are usually associated with Mythic raiding. If you fail a mechanic, we'll talk to you, politely, and if you keep failing, we'll sit you; but we won't go all asshole on you over voice, and we won't apply disproportionate penalties ("oh you failed this one mechanic in an inopportune time, like when everyone is frustrated? gkick").
  • Guild longevity: We have been raiding together, non-stop, since the beginning of WoD. However, the core of the guild has been together since WoTLK times. We tend to overcome obstacles that typically prove too challenging for other guilds (such as attrition) by investing in our players, and the culture of fun.
  • Is recruiting open? Yes, we are currently recruiting.
  • What classes? All. While specific needs vary from time to time, our general philosophy is to always be recruiting, never recruit for the bench, and prioritize talent and loyalty over class, spec, and even gear:

    • We always recruit, because every guild's success requires constant injestion of fresh blood.
    • We never recruit for the bench, because it is unfair to both the player and the guild. Instead, we recruit good players, and assign spots based on merit (and nothing else). If your performance makes you one of top 20 in the guild, you'll have a spot.
    • We like to invest in our players long-term. That means, within reason, letting them play the class and spec they want, rather than flavor of the month spec, and subject to the performance requirements.

What's different about us?

  • We raid at night. Make sure you know and can make our hours.
  • We prize the human element. We'll take a slightly less performing player that's polite, or at least neutral, over a slightly better performing asshole.
  • We're a semi-hardcore progression guild. We're not striving for server-first, and understand that RL is more important than the game, but are serious about progression, and aim to kill Mythic bosses during the relevant tier.
  • Example of what "semi-hardcore" means to us, as different from hardcore and casual:

    • Attendance:

      • Hardcore guilds require specific attendance percentage, and may kick or otherwise discipline you if you go below it.
      • Casual guilds don't care; they just raid with whoever is on at the time.
      • We do not require a specific percent, and we understand that RL comes first, but we do require all raiding members to let us know, via Discord, if they will be missing, so that we can plan the raid. Of course, your progression in the guild as well as loot priority will depend on your attendance, but you won't lose a raid spot merely for not making a specific raid or three.

    • Performance:

      • Hardcore guilds will kick you for second or third mistake - at least from the raid, but maybe also from the guild. They're also likely to mock you over voice while doing it.
      • Casual guilds don't care; if Johnny that has raided with the guild for years just can't wrap his head around a mechanic, they'll keep wiping until RNG makes that mechanic come on someone else.
      • We will talk to you, in private, to ask if you understood what you did wrong and know how to fix it. If so, great. If you continue making the mistake, we'll sit you from the raid, but we won't kick you from the guild, or berate you over voice. You'll be allowed to return to the next raid as normal. If you continue making the same mistake to the extent that you're hindering progression, this will affect your spot - but we won't do this in a rude manner, and we'll be considerate to you while also being fair to the other raiders.

What else can we offer?

  • We offer an active, social guild. While we do not require anyone to log in at non-raid times, many of us do, and we enjoy plentiful and successful Mythic+ runs, old raid transmog clears, and Discord chatter nights. Neither the guild chat, nor our voice channels are lonely often. And yes, if you're only interested in M+ but not in raiding, we do also recruit for that.
  • Our style of raid leading sets us apart from many guilds. When someone messes up in a fight causing a wipe, or performs below the expected level, some raid leaders will openly mock them, calling them names more suitable for a frat party. Others will not notice, and will continue pulling in what people like to describe as bashing their heads against the wall. We do neither of these - we won't mock or swear, but we will instead let the person know they need to improve, and if such improvement doesn't happen, we will (politely) replace them. In this way, we maintain progression without causing drama or hurting feelings.
  • We play to have fun, and have a low tolerance toward rude or pretentious people, but at the same time do enforce performance standards in raids, particularly for the progression fights, and our raid spots are competitive.
  • We like to joke around in guild chat and on Discord; profanity is allowed and encouraged, but intentionally abusing others isn't.

How to contact us
Choose one of these methods:

  • Fill an app (, and someone will get back to you quite soon.
  • See if Charodey, Volshebnick, Buuji or Windgrace (of Kel'Thuzad) are online. If so, send any of them a tell.
  • Write in-game mail to any of these fine folks.
  • Add Volshebnik#1818 on bnet, and send him a message.
  • Add Charodey#5945 on Discord, and send him a message.

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