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“Vox” WoW Guild

Alliance US-Kel'Thuzad    (armory)
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Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: unknown
Recruiting (outdated): closed
No longer raiding.

Intro Info
- Raid times are 9pm to 12:30am EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
- Invites go out at 8:30 PM EST. We clear trash and first boss pull at 9pm EST.
- Raid Gear Drops are distributed with Loot council
- Raid Voice Communication: We use MUMBLE

We are actively recruiting all exceptional applications. You earn your spot by doing good dps/heals and having good awareness.

For more information, please visit our website at and look at the Rules and Policies section on our forum.

You're welcome to contact our staff in-game:
Raid Leader:
Recruiting Officer:

Why Vox?

Vox was created in early TBC and has been running strong since. We have progressed through Cataclysm strong and want YOU to be a part of our family that we have built over the years for MoP. Our officer core as been built over the years, with respectable, loyal and dedicated players who will never let Vox die. Our officer make decisions based on what is best for the GUILD, not for any individual player. When it comes to our raiding core, be sure that if you're not pulling your weight, you will be replaced. Our raiding core has a firm grasp on their class and boss machines. We encourage self improvement, but our core members will also tell you when you're doing something wrong and how to fix it.

What is expected from all of our raiders:

- Pull needed output for downing Hardmode bosses while not dying or failing to mechanics
- A stable connection
- A computer that can handle 25 man raids without lagging a lot
- A mature attitude
- Sense of humor
- The ability to take criticism
- 90% attendance or more from our raiders
- Working microphone and Mumble
- Proper boss mods installed
- Situational awareness
- A drama free attitude
- Total Knowledge of one's class and all specs

How Raiding with Vox works!

Welcome to Vox, new players! To give you an idea of what Vox provides and how our guild operates (so you can make your decision if Vox is the right place for you) the following are our policies and rules on how raiding with Vox works.

Applying Process:
- In order to be considered for a trial spot, you must fill out an application and answer all the required questions.
- Read the stickies and the application template on our application section
- Use the apply button located at the top of the page, or Submit an Application button under the Vox Recruitment Forum section.
- Our officers will review your application and give you all questions and concerns before you are accepted or denied.
- Monitor your application frequently and try to answer all questions, from our officers, promptly.
- Raiders that are inactive for over 2 months must go through the application and trialing process in order to raid again.

Trialing Process:
- Get invited to guild and promoted to Trial rank, your evaluation period is 3 weeks or 12 raid nights.
- You must keep an attendance rating of 80+% during your trial period. Failure to do so will result in extension of your trial.
- Trial's bids will be trumped by a Raider's bid automatically.
- Trials that failed the 3 week evaluation period may receive a 2nd chance for a 2 week extension to improve their performance (up to Officer's discretion).
- Trials will be invited to raid just like Raiders. You will be given a spot to participate on our boss attempts depending on class make up and availability of Raiders.
- Successfully passing of your trial with Vox depends on your: Performance / Attendance.

Raiding Requirements:
-Vox raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 PM (EST) to 12:30AM (EST)
- You must be online and ready for an invite 30 mins before raid (8:30 EST)
- We pull trash early and pull the first boss at 9:00 PM EST.
- Under performing as a Raider will be reviewed by Officers to either impose a re-trialing process, or not.
- It's also mandatory for you to have all up-to-date add-ons installed. If you are invited and show up unprepared (no up-to-date add-ons, etc.), you will be kicked from the raid and replaced by someone who is ready to play.
- Raids go until 12:30AM(EST), or until the raid has been called by the Raid Leader.

Being on the Bench:
- If Vox had 25 Raiders that could perform and they had 100% guaranteed attendance, we would never need a 26th (or more) Raider. This is not a perfect world, good Raiders will miss raids once in a while due to real life events. Therefore, we must have extra raiders to make sure we will never cancel a raid.
- Groups 1-5 will participate in the boss fight. Groups 6-8 will wait to be switched in by the Raid Leader.
- Getting disconnected for a few minutes because your router reset or you have to reboot is fine. But, if you're gone for an extended period of time, you will no longer be considered on the bench for the evening.

Boss Fight Guidelines:
- Perform your assignment / role to the best of your ability. Be prepared for the boss (know mechanics / guild strat / listen for assignments / etc.)
- Keep Mumble completely silent during a boss fight so Raid Leaders can call out assignments and everyone can keep focused.
- Raiders and Trials may only use Mumble communication for boss fight related issues / concerns.
- We understand everyone wants to be the funny guy in the guild: popular with jokes or trolling to make yourself feel good etc., but DO NOT disrupt our raid during a boss fight.
- Your life story, jokes, or trolling, etc are meant for trash / downtime only.

Looting System for Raiding:
-Loot council
-Loot Priority: Raider's Mainspec > Trial's Main Spec > Back-up Tank's Tanking Gear > Raider's Offspec > Trial's Offspec > Everyone's Transmog.
- Legendaries. Officers will vote on who will receive the pieces. We choose them based on their seniority, attendance and performance.
- Crafting Patterns: Guild Crafters will receive priority rolls on dropped recipes. There can be many crafters in the guild. Guild crafters will have priority crafting recipes and will be voted in by the Officers. We choose them based on their seniority, attendance and dedication.

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