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“Continuum” Guild

Alliance US-Thunderlord    (armory)
Progress: 0/9
World: n/a
Realm: n/a

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
Please visit our website for the most up to date recruiting information.

Recruitment video on Youtube.

About Continuum

Continuum was founded in February 2010 by a 25man raid team formed out of the original Eventide guild (of Tankspot 'fame') on Garrosh. We recently relocated to Thunderlord on the Vindication battlegroup to enrich the guild's experience and prepare for Cataclysm. Thunderlord is a medium population server in the top 50 of progression in WoTLK that has a vibrant raiding community of multiple progression guilds around us. For PVP in off-raid-hours, Thunderlord also boasts a balanced horde/alliance ratio with a slight alliance lead as well as a battlegroup where alliance is also favored in BGs.

Mission Statement
Continuum is a seasoned raid core looking to quickly conquer the final content in the Lich King expansion while also preparing a solid foundation for Cataclysm. We have a low tolerance for drama, high expectations for conduct and performance and a leadership mentality centered around fairness, respect and teamwork. Friendship is built around players of similar skill, expectations and dedication.

What is Continuum's Raiding Schedule?
Continuum raids 25 man content Mon-Thurs 7:30CST-11:30CST.

What is Continuum's Guild Structure?

* Guild Master - Hossah
* Officer - Tulkos
* Raid Leader
* Raider
* Initiate
* Raiding alt (has access to guild repairs)
* Member
* Alt
* Friends & Family


Raiding Conduct and Expectaitons:

* 100% Preparedness at each raid.
* Adult level of maturity and conduct.
* Stay up-to-date on class mechanics and theory-crafting.
* Accept constructive criticism.
* Follow instructions given by raid leaders without argument. If you must make a suggestion do so by sending a tell to an officer.
* Have stable internet and reliable computer hardware.
* Have patience in all situations.
* Understand that raiding positions are not indefinite and are competitive.
* Return from wipes and buff quickly.
* Admit and rectify mistakes.

Guild Conduct and Expectations:

* Represent our guild in a positive manner in all public forums and chat.
* Have high performance in PuGs.
* Treat every player both inside and out of the guild with respect.
* Remain Active in the guild forums.

What is Continuum's initiate process?
When accepted into Continuum you will be a trial that lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks / max of 4. Current raiders have the right to veto any applicant if they cite specific examples of poor performance or attitude. Outstanding apps will find themselves as a raider after two weeks.

What is Continuum's loot system?
We utilize a bid-based DKP system. More information can be found here: ... f=25&t=364

What does the guild do outside of raids?
We have been running an alt ICC 25 on Saturdays at 7pm. We typically are mostly full just from alts/friends and is currently 7/12 hard modes and the first alt/pug to kill LK 25. There is also a GDKP run doing RS & ICC 25 on Friday nigths. We typically do a few ICC 10s per week also.

The guild is extremely alive outside of raids, usually having 15+ people online on any non-raid night. On off nights, we usually raid 10 mans, work on achievements in old instances, and PvP. All of these activities are completely optional. Overall, most people here really enjoy the multiple facets of WoW.

What is Continuum's atmosphere like?
The best way to describe our atmosphere is that we’re a serious group of raiders who have no interest in playing with a bunch of kids. We enjoy looking for ways to improve upon old strats and find pleasure in executing a precise and efficient strategy. There is a fair amount of joking around when it does not effect our raid performance and we have tons of fun outside a raid environment. We expect people to conduct themselves with a sense of professionalism, and as such we do not tolerate blatant racism in any way.
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