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EU-Blackrock Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1The Unnamed (r)5111/11 (M)
2NonSense (r)8111/11 (M)
3wgm19111/11 (M)
4Adoria19311/11 (M)
5genuine (r)24711/11 (M)
6riddled with anxiety (r)35911/11 (M)
7Lordaerons Erbe (r)40811/11 (M)
8Burning Shades (r)47311/11 (M)
9loot to go50410/11 (M)
10Alteration (r)51010/11 (M)
11Demons (r)59110/11 (M)
12styx (r)64310/11 (M)
13Seven Lions (r)75010/11 (M)
14provide (r)75210/11 (M)
15Carnivores (r)79510/11 (M)
16Happy Lil Clouds (r)80110/11 (M)
17Not Afraid (r)97910/11 (M)
18Leopard with a Cha..102210/11 (M)
19Irony12439/11 (M)
20echoes (r)12459/11 (M)
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