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EU-Connected Onyxia Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Aversion (r)209/9 (M)
2UndisputeD (r)3248/9 (M)
3Last Hope (r)4707/9 (M)
4Keine Hose kein Pr.. (r)8446/9 (M)
5Loot Factory11606/9 (M)
6Bad Idol (r)11716/9 (M)
7reap12896/9 (M)
8Convention (r)16385/9 (M)
9OnPoint21195/9 (M)
10No Limits21715/9 (M)
11Asotroth (r)24935/9 (M)
12Backstage29864/9 (M)
13R N G (r)30684/9 (M)
14Insanity30864/9 (M)
15Praise the Sun (r)34993/9 (M)
16Fallobst (r)37043/9 (M)
17Reliquia40923/9 (M)
18Todgeweiht (r)42613/9 (M)
19Escaped45352/9 (M)
20Purity of Soul52891/9 (M)
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