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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1Fam (r)2227/8 (M)
2Cult of the Doomed (r)8765/8 (M)
3Why no love (r)11784/8 (M)
4Mayhem14034/8 (M)
5Voltage15034/8 (M)
6Shepherds (r)19463/8 (M)
7Brothers in Arms (r)24193/8 (M)
8Order And Chaos24293/8 (M)
9Guilty Pleasures (r)33772/8 (M)
10Seagulls36762/8 (M)
11WipeClub (r)42442/8 (M)
12Overpowered53342/8 (M)
13Renegade Legion (r)61001/8 (M)
14Adult Raid Finder65631/8 (M)
15Öregfiúk (r)68051/8 (M)
16The Brotherhood of.. (r)80741/8 (M)
17Oldschool (r)88261/8 (M)
18Hollow Grin (r)9111 8/8 (H)
19Project Eternity (r)9119 8/8 (H)
20His Infernal Majesty (r)9179 8/8 (H)
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Mythic Uldir

M: Taloc 17
M: Fetid Devourer 2
M: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 8
M: Vectis 5
M: Zul, Reborn 1
M: Mythrax the Unraveler 1
M: G'huun 0

Heroic Uldir

H: Taloc 50
H: Fetid Devourer 49
H: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 45
H: Vectis 44
H: Zul, Reborn 28
H: Mythrax the Unraveler 24
H: G'huun 13

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