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Frankstêr ScrubBustersEU-The Maelstrom
Frallê SecurityEU-FrostmaneFeel free to add me for mythic+ boosting/high keys.
Can either tank or dps, preferably tanking mythic+ though.
All legendaries (17/17) obtained as of 18/05/2017 (pre 7.2.5)
All legendaries (20/20) obtained as of 21/06/2017 (7.2.5)

Could also use a few more DHs to discuss class stuff with as in new builds and changes etc etc. Don't be shy.

If you want to ask any general questions or want tips/guidance about playing demon hunter in either spec feel free to add me as well.

edit: Please check out guides etc before adding me - I've received a lot of questions regarding stuff that could be found by doing a single google search or likewise, I don't mind helping people out but it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes.
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