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Frankyster (Frankster#2503)

Sex: Male
Country: Sweden

WoW Characters

Frallê ScrubBustersEU-The MaelstromAll legendaries (17/17) obtained as of 18/05/2017 (pre 7.2.5)
All legendaries (20/20) obtained as of 21/06/2017 (7.2.5)

Qualified for the first Mythic+ Dungeon Invitationals - With team Wheezing Harsies.

For mythic+ check our team page >

Feel free to add me if you need a tank for high keystones - you/your group preferably had 2600+ mythic+ score last season.
Fotmclasslol ScrubBustersEU-The Maelstrom
Dankhunterx SB FrostmaneEU-Frostmane
Frallesnus ScrubBustersEU-The Maelstrom
Frallé ScrubBustersEU-The Maelstrom
FrankstêrEU-Twisting Nether
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