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Jabano (Jabano#1727)

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Vestaraa No GigglingEU-RavencrestHi! I've been playing hunter for all of BfA and I'm liking it quite a bit.

I'm pretty happy with my current guild so this is mostly for m+ but I'm keeping my options open for guildchanges if it a good fit. No issues with transfering servers/factions. Prefer to raid between 19-22.30ish so it doesn't end too late, I can be very flexible on raiddays atm so attendance isn't an issue.

My logs are lacking in uldir/BoD due to me not giving a shit about logs but only killing the bosses, but I'm high 90s on almost every boss on heroic and mythic in 8.2.

I was 1600score in s1 for m+, 2.3k in s2 on both my hunter and my rogue. Haven't focused it too much this season but I'm willing to push again!

Haven't played MM yet in raids/m+ but I am able to learn should I have to.
Véstará No GigglingEU-Ravencrest
Vestarra The AristocracyEU-Argent Dawn
Tassli The AristocracyEU-Argent Dawn
Keshasuxx Deadly ManiacsEU-Outland
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