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Samikay (Rampager#1739)

Country: Australia

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Samik ScuffedOC-FrostmourneHello friend,

GM/RL with much experience in the WoWs and all-around great guy (references available on request, please be comfortable speaking with my mother). Big on multi-specing & multi-classing, done every role at a Mythic level, usually averagely as raid leading at the same time. Looking to push myself to a higher level always.

Maintain several toons usually! See:
Sami ScuffedOC-Frostmourne

Lustysamik ListenOC-Frostmourne
Captcooked ListenOC-Frostmourne


Raiding history:

Vanilla & BC: <vF> on Blackrock, MT Warrior.

WotLK: <Avast> on Frostmourne, Ele shaman.

Cata: <Avast> on Frostmourne, Resto shaman.

MoP: Skipped

WoD: Formed <Listen> on Frostmourne. Disc Priest [HM&BRF]. <Set To Mystic> Shadow/Disc Priest [HFC].

Legion: <Listen> Enh.Shaman [EN & ToV], HPal [NH]. <Set To Mystic> HPal/RShaman [ToS & ABT].

BFA: <Listen> Warlock/HPal [Uldir], Warlock/HPal/Disc Priest [BoD]. <SuperStars> Shaman [AEP]. <Ascension> Shaman [NtWC].

SL: <Listen> Warlock/HPal 6/10, <Comfy> Warlock 10/10, <Apathy> Resto/Ele 10/10 [CN]. <Scuffed> Ele/Resto/Enhance [HoF SoD & SoFTO].

DF: <Scuffed> Warlock

Fistingsami ListenOC-Frostmourne


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