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Sex: Male
Age: 37
Country: United States

WoW Characters

AppliedforceUS-Area 52Note: On this character and all 11 alts I lost most achievements and progression when transferring from Horde to Alliance and back to Horde at end of Firelands. I have cleared all content in 10man and 25man for all prior content in Hard Mode. After leaving world Top 10 progression raiding and moving to Uther remained in sever top guilds. Raided as my SP for the beginning of MoP threw HM HoF/TES, I have 5 90's.

Am I able to reliably make progression raid schedule?

Yes 24/7 7 days a week.

What spec/role(s) am I applying to guilds with? Am I comfortable playing multiple specs in a raid?

SP I have not healed since BC and that was on a Druid and Pally I would say I would heal but I know I am not comfortable doing such as a priest. Have not healed on this priest since Beta/Van. Plus SP is kind of face role once you pass the gear marks, not a high in DPS as lock / Mage but still decent as range.

What is my guild and raiding history?

Most recent WoW raiding 25m guild Ascendance Uther Server Guild Rank 1-2 wile it was active. Now charecters are in RL friends guilds.

I am a former game tester serious gamer over 55 MMO's played. "Top 10 World ranked Guilds in all MMO's played". Former highest ranking of US 2nd 4th world for SWTOR did hold first in a few fights for US and World. Titan Alliance World Top GW2 30-0, Currently slotted to test ESO, just got done testing PS2.

I have not raided in a top 10 WoW guild in at least 5 years had turned into a WoW casual and it's why my toons were moved to Uther were I had RL friends and family. Originally stepped down from TOP 10 Wow due to exiting military and physical therapy.

From games such as,



DCU Online




Auto Assault

Lineage, Lineag2




Tabula Rasa

Anarchy Online

Asheron's Call

Ultima Online

The Matrix Online

Age of Conan

4th Coming, The

Aion: The Tower of Eternity

Battlestar Galactica Online



Warhammer Online

The Lord of the Rings Online


Silkroad Online

Final Fantasy series



Ragnarok Online


Aces High

Champions Online

Club Penguin

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall



EVE Online

Fallen Earth

Free Realms

Perfect World



Phantasy Star Universe

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Asheron's Call, AC2

Legends of Future Past

Island of Kesmai (1985)

Neverwinter Nights (1991 AOL)

The Shadow of Yserbius (1992)

There are more I can't remember them all and not all are considered full MMO's

Why have you chosen to apply to other guilds?

I miss 25man raiding, most 10mans I know are full 100% of the time with RL friends, and server is less to be desired. Tired of people sucking and not having dedication and high quality of play. I am tired of leading and would like to be a member for a change.

Tell us about Pixiecrush!

Ex-Military Spec Ops, Former Wal-Mart MGR, medically retired. I play games more casual now but I play them with dedication and put extra work, I am used to putting in 16+hours in a single progression night, I am sure I have more monster in my veins than blood. I believe in guild progression comes first.

provided UI screenshot taken in a raid.

Blank just minimized basic with addons nothing special haven't used specific UI's in a long time just due to hassle. Wish Wow had a UI edit like SWTOR.

combat log links.

No current major logs I had a few when I was in top 3-10 on WOL on a DK few years back for a long period aka years. Prior to that rogue but nothing within the past year due to SWTOR ranking drive, rift ranking, and GW2 took serious hours. Just re-rolled back to my old SP when I came back after seeing so many DK's and got him to 90, and wasn't impressed when I lvled a dps monk to 90.

Anything else to add?

I am normally at the top in most games so I am sure I have met some of your people in other places, I am mellow low key, I am 33 with a wife and rug rat, I live in Nor Cal but have been everywhere in US at some point.

I am aping to get to know other guilds better, to offer my skills,experience, and dedication, I think I would be a valued member of a high end raiding guild as I have been many times in the past. I don't stand in shit, I am normally one of the last to die if I do I have been the last man standing several boss kills, I have a high end gaming rig from other MMO's so that not a real issue. I understand my gear may be an issue but that mainly a short term problem if I get in somewhere raiding I normally plan for long term achievements. I don't want to seem cocky or condescending I do apologize if I come off that way I do sometimes when going over past achievements and games.
Dragoncross ÆtherUS-Uther
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