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Trixx (Triadx#2643)

Real Name: Stephen
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Country: United Kingdom

WoW Characters

Trix MaliceEU-DraenorThe People's Paladin

Previously Trixx of <Sinisters> EU-Bladefist / EU-Outland (2004-2011)

<Whatever> EU-Auchindoun, June - August 2011. Retired.

<Drastic Measures> EU-Twilight's Hammer, October 2013 - May 2014.

<Dirty Minds> EU-Twilight's Hammer, May 2014 (2 weeks).

<Malice> EU-Draenor, July 2014 - present.

Videos of <Sinisters>:

Videos of <Drastic Measures>:

Videos of <Malice>:
Triadxx MaliceEU-Draenor
Trixidan MaliceEU-Draenor
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