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Cyunk (mohoyo#21247)

Sex: Male
Age: 23 (Sep 26, 1996)
Country: Germany

WoW Characters

KindastinkyEU (DE)-Thrall!currently raiding for flux-DE Thrall!

Guild History:
TG Gaming
The Unnamed
A Dying Wish
KindastinkyEU (DE)-Blackrock! recruiting ppl for m+ team going to push every dungeon +15 next week an progressing higher after that if interested add me !

Guild History:
A Dying Wish
The Unnamed
TG Gaming
Moyorogue Ditch HeadsEU (DE)-BlackrockCurrently looking for 1 - 3 days raidguild for my MAGE ( Rogue )

Just came back from inactivity since Legion Antorus was cleared.
Started in legion with playing rogue, rerolled hunter with Nighthold.

Hunter Logs:


Rogue Logs:
Emerald Nightmare


Guild History:
A Dying Wish ( World ~ 40 )
The Unnamed ( World ~ 30 )
Herzog Igzor ( World ~ 90 )

If interested add me
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