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1Complexity LimitUS-Illidan10/10 (M)
2Echo (r)EU-Tarren Mill10/10 (M)
3PiecesEU-Stormscale10/10 (M)
4FatSharkYes (r)EU-Kazzak10/10 (M)
5MethodEU-Twisting Nether10/10 (M)
6ЭкзорсусEU (RU)-Ревущий фьорд10/10 (M)
7BDGGUS-Illidan10/10 (M)
8MementoEU-Stormreaver10/10 (M)
9AversionEU (DE)-Blackhand10/10 (M)
10Practice (r)EU-Ragnaros10/10 (M)
11MNM (r)EU-Tarren Mill10/10 (M)
12Club Camel (r)US-Area 5210/10 (M)
13RightKR-Azshara10/10 (M)
14БанхаммерEU (RU)-Ревущий фьорд10/10 (M)
15Lazarus Imperative (r)US-Illidan10/10 (M)
16EthicalOC-Frostmourne10/10 (M)
17ad hoc gamingEU (DE)-Antonidas10/10 (M)
18Zero EmpathyEU (FR)-Archimonde10/10 (M)
19집중해서 원트가요KR-Azshara10/10 (M)
20Walkthrough (r)EU-Kazzak10/10 (M)
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Players looking for Mythic Plus Dungeons

US horde
LF to finish weekly chest1 minute ago
US horde
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys17 minutes ago
EU horde
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
EU horde
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys2 hours ago
US horde
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys2 hours ago
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Guilds started looking for players

1 hour ago
Death and Disappoi..
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
9 hours ago
The Foundry
US-Area 52
11 hours ago

Players started looking for guilds

1 minute ago
US-Area 52
17 minutes ago
24 minutes ago
27 minutes ago
29 minutes ago
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Mythic Castle Nathria

M: Shriekwing 13201 (30.79%) Shriekwing Mythic videos
M: Huntsman Altimor 11819 (27.57%) Huntsman Altimor Mythic videos
M: Hungering Destroyer 9042 (21.09%) Hungering Destroyer Mythic videos
M: Lady Inerva Darkvein 7132 (16.64%) Lady Inerva Darkvein Mythic videos
M: Artificer Xy'mox 6540 (15.26%) Artificer Xy'mox Mythic videos
M: Sun King's Salvation 7571 (17.66%) Sun King's Salvation Mythic videos
M: The Council of Blood 4623 (10.78%) The Council of Blood Mythic videos
M: Sludgefist 3928 (9.16%) Sludgefist Mythic videos
M: Stone Legion Generals 2830 (6.60%) Stone Legion Generals Mythic videos
M: Sire Denathrius 2036 (4.75%) Sire Denathrius Mythic videos

Heroic Castle Nathria

H: Shriekwing 33235 (77.53%) Shriekwing Heroic videos
H: Huntsman Altimor 31879 (74.36%) Huntsman Altimor Heroic videos
H: Hungering Destroyer 31241 (72.88%) Hungering Destroyer Heroic videos
H: Lady Inerva Darkvein 28791 (67.16%) Lady Inerva Darkvein Heroic videos
H: Artificer Xy'mox 29049 (67.76%) Artificer Xy'mox Heroic videos
H: Sun King's Salvation 29040 (67.74%) Sun King's Salvation Heroic videos
H: The Council of Blood 27359 (63.82%) The Council of Blood Heroic videos
H: Sludgefist 26654 (62.18%) Sludgefist Heroic videos
H: Stone Legion Generals 25445 (59.36%) Stone Legion Generals Heroic videos
H: Sire Denathrius 21017 (49.03%) Sire Denathrius Heroic videos

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    Removing non-active WoW characters
    1 year ago
    Due to the updated Blizzard API Policy, we have to refresh all the characters no less frequently than every 30 days. At the moment WoWProgress updates members of active raiding guilds several times a month. Characters that are not members of such guilds most probably will be removed from our database if you don't update them manually.
    If a character was deleted (or moved) by the player, we also have to remove it from our database.
    Comments: 21
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